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Design Your Own Engagement Ring, What to Prepare

Tuesday, May 16th 2017. | Nice Rings

design your own engagement ring ideasYour proposal moment is a special and exciting things in your life. Having beautiful ring that symbolize your love is the first important thing. Due of this, choosing engagement ring is a difficult task. But it would really exciting if you can design your own engagement ring, in order to show your fiancee-to-be and your personality. Now use your imagination, and prepare these things: The most important thing, do not too pompous or you get the boring ring. Fancy rings are great but simple rings are not bad though. Better list your needs and limit your budget.

Learn more about the style for your ring. There are modern style ring and traditional style ring. Design your own engagement ring Choices for modern style are two- tone engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, three- stone engagement rings, etc. Marquise engagement rings, celtic engagement rings, diamond rings are the examples of traditional style engagement ring. If you are not sure with the design, try to draw the common ring – a gem in a top with gold or silver band –then calculate your own ring’s width, and the number of gems you need. But if you prefer the simple ring without gems, the option for you is celtic rings that come with symbols. You can choose your own symbols that represent your relationship, or you want a love sanscrit written in it.

How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Select gems and metals that fit with your budget in design your own engagement ring. There is several choices if you are on budget, find design your own engagement ring online freelike moissanite ring that looks similar with diamond but cheaper and affordable. For metals, there are a sterling silver or gold-plated. But if the quality is the most important for you, there is platinum for durable band. Colored diamonds also a good choice for quality and brilliant gemstone.If simple but sparkle are what you want, then try eternity bands which have small diamonds along the band.

Design your own engagement ring is a good thing. Learn your fiancee-to-be taste in jewelry, their finger’s size, or the allergic of certain metals. You sure do not want disappointed your fiancee, because the design your own engagement ring is the symbol for your lasting love. The other excited thing is if you design your engagement ring with your fiancee-to-be together. Designing your own ring may cost more than buy ring, but what more exciting than being involved in every step of your engagement making.

Do not worry about how to measure the ring size, some jewelry stores already have ring sizer that helps you measure your exact size. At online jewelry stores also provide printable measurement guide to print and use. Take some times to visit jewelry stores on your town or online store, compare where is the best jeweler to create your engagement ring design. In addition, you need to discuss your design with jeweler whether the ring is too complicated or fit with your budget. Design your own engagement ring is a big thing for a special moment indeed need a lot of communication and discussion. You may also like to read this toe rings article.