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Custom Engagement Rings, Designing Perfect Rings

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | Nice Rings

unique custom engagement ringsNowadays, there are more and more couples who decide to have a couple of custom engagement rings. This has become a long transition from using thimbles as the symbol that ties the man and woman to wear a gold ring. Now gold is not the only material that is used for tying two people in a holy promise; silver and platinum have become some of the material options for the ring as well. While jewelers today have a plenty of design choices to pick as well in different band materials and gemstones, most couples still find it hard to find the one that suits their fancy. Custom engagement rings then become an option, since this way the couple can decide their own style, material, and gemstone. The contemporary styles in the most custom rings also hold a meaning as the brighter future for the couple.

Custom Engagement Rings in Various Styles

There are plenty of custom engagement rings, since the process is very popular today. However for better examples, you might want to take a look at the designs created by professional jewelers as well. For example, if you like a radiant cut, you can find Engagement Ring with Radiant Cut Diamond as the example. With Vs1 as its clarity radiant, the ring looks stunning for a female ring with its prong design. The soft round band design looks stunning as well when it uses 18 carat of cheap custom engagement rings atlantayellow and white gold as the materials.

If you want another gemstone than diamond to adorn the engagement rings, you can create the custom engagement rings like Engagement Ring with 78 Carat Ceylon Diamond and Sapphire. The sapphire is one of the options, but you can replace it with your own birthstone if you like. You can also use cubic Zirconia for more affordable options to replace the small diamonds on the front of the band. The 18 carat of white and yellow gold makes a nice ring with a contemporary look for lady’s finger.

For the men’s engagement ring in custom engagement rings, you can have a similar gemstone or match it with each birthstone. Men usually prefer to have a larger band of his ring. For example, the White Gold Engagement Ring with Infinity Brand Men’s Diamond calls as a great example for men. The large band is soft round has 9 carats of white gold to adorn the ring. Matching the material with the lady’s ring is also a nice touch for the men’s ring.

Advices on Creating Custom Engagement Rings

In terms of engagement rings, there are at least 4 important things that need to be covered when you design your own engagement rings. The ring should be practical enough, should be able to withstand everyday wear, should be able to hold the gemstones perfectly, and should surely look good. You have to keep these 4 keys in mind when designing your own engagement rings. For the design, it is all up to your taste. You can have art Deco style, solitaire, split shank, or other styles as the design. As long as the 4 things are covered, then you could proceed to make the custom engagement rings real.