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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings and Interesting Fact about Them

Saturday, October 21st 2017. | Nice Rings

beautiful cushion cut engagement ringsCushion cut engagement rings keeps some interesting facts in them that might not be known by some people in this world. Of course, those facts can make these rings to be more precious or even popular in the eyes of nowadays people. The first fact which is related to them is about some celebrities who are known to choose them for their engagement rings. Since celebrities gain more attention, there is of course a possibility for the rings to gain more attention and fame as the celebrities too. From so many celebrities who are known to have this kind of engagement ring, Heidi Klum seems to be the one who is talked about here and there. Do you know why? It is because she her diamond engagement ring is cushion cut and it can be included in the category of the most expensive engagement rings with cushion cut diamond. The price of this 10 carat yellow diamond ring reaches up to $1.5 million.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Harry Winston

The next interesting fact about the cushion cut engagement rings is actually related to something already mentioned previously. It is no other but the cushion cut diamond itself. There are some things about this type of diamond that might make engagement rings to be even more valuable. One of the things is the type of diamond used for the rings. If the diamond is yellow diamond, as the one used in Heidi Klum’s ring, the rill will surely be more valuable and higher in price. Yellow diamond is known to be one of thetrendy cushion cut engagement rings neil lane most expensive types of diamond can be found in all over the world. Moreover, there is a yellow diamond with cushion cut which is included in the category of top 10 most expensive diamonds. This diamond is called as the Allnat Diamond. The estimation of price known for the cushion cut diamond rings is at the least $3 million. Can you imagine that an engagement ring is designed with this diamond? It is sure that the price will be so fantastic.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Pave

Other Interesting fact which is also related to the kind of engagement ring stated here is the rings are actually quite trending nowadays. The reason is because there are quite many engagement rings designers who choose to place this cushion cut diamond rings as the part of their 2012 collection. From time to time, it is known that designer rings for engagement are the ones that most people want to have. The reason is because they are exclusive in design and have more value of prestige because of the brands. See, it is interesting to know about more facts related to cushion cut engagement rings with cushion diamond cut as one of their main parts. Besides the facts stated here, there are some other facts can be found to without a doubt. The more interesting facts can be found is the more possibilities for the rings to gain more popularity among people. Moreover, there might also be a possibility for you to have a desire to choose one of cushion cut engagement rings as your engagement ring.