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CTR Ring, What is CTR Ring Actually?

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016. | CTR Rings

determining ctr ring meaningA CTR ring is a meaningful symbol for any member of the Mormon Church. It represents his/her faith. Such a ring was introduced for the first time in the early of 1960s. Since then, the demand of the ring has kept raising every year. Typically, such a ring features an engraving of the three letters CTR on the band. What do the three letters CTR actually stand for? Well, the three letters mean choose the right.

But today, the CTR ring does not only represent the faith of the wearer but also the principle of the wearer. At first, this kind of ring was made of nickel. But along with the development of jewelry technology, the band metal can be made of a variety of metals found in this world like gold and platinum. The designs of the ring are available in a large number too, from plain designs to ornate designs.

The CTR ring can be worn by everyone now a day. Whether a child or an adult, the ring can suit any person of all age. It is not difficult to find such a ring. There are many stores that provide religious accessories these days. Usually, the Latter Day Saints centers provide various options of the rings. Even, there are also some online stores that offer the CTR ring. It is for sure that you will not experience a serious problem in finding locating ctr ring storethe right place to get such a ring.

You are allowed to give a CTR ring to someone else. Yes, this ring can be a great gift for someone who believes in Christ. By giving the person such a gift, you appreciate his/her faith. This is because wearing such a ring can be very beneficial. It can perform the role of a reminder. It is true; this ring can remain one to always do good things. The receiver will glad to accept such a meaningful gift from you. The receiver will be appreciated.

The styles of the CTR ring are also available in a huge number of selections too. If you want to give your child such a ring, your options include animal style, classic style and narrow style. For young people, style options include retro style and sport style. If you intend to give a woman such a ring, it is recommended that you buy the one with a diamond. Just make sure that the ring you will give is able to symbolize the character of the receiver. Also consider the receiver’s interest so that you will not end up purchasing a wrong Ring.

Recently, many parents encourage their children to wear such a ring as soon as possible. They teach their kids the meaning and the function of the ring. In fact, kids who attend a Mormon program are required to put the ring on their little fingers. If you want to get a CTR ring for your little kid, make sure you get the right one. Also make sure you get the right size ring for your little kid.

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