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Clip On Belly Button Rings: Cleaning The Piercing

Sunday, February 3rd 2013. | Belly Ring, Button Rings

buy clip on belly button rings at walmartClip on belly button rings are navel jewelry. Belly rings are available in various models, materials and colors. Commonly, the belly rings are made of sterling silver and stainless steel with sparkling stones ornament. There are various shaped of belly rings, such as heart, flowers, or butterfly shape. The belly rings will look beautiful when you are wearing shirt that shows your navel. You can instantly attract people’s attention due to the sparkling clip on belly button rings. However, you should know, piercing on navel to put the clip on belly button rings is quite painful and risky. The piercing should be done by a piercer who is certified by the Association of Professional Piercers. He will examine the navel area and do the piercing carefully. The piercing uses a needle that inserted into the skin for six months. After the six months, the needle will be taken and you can wear clip on belly button rings you want. After that, it does not mean you are free from treatment. You should make sure your navel area is always clean and free from infection. You should also make sure that the belly rings you use are made of safe materials.

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Here we have tips to keep your piercing that wear clip on belly button rings always clean. First, you need daily cleanser. For best cleanser, choose liquid medicated soap. In addition, prepare sea salt solution to disinfect the navel area. Also prepare paper towels to dry the navel are after cleaning. Make sure you wash your hands before you begin the cleaning procedure. The cleaning treatment find clip on belly button rings where to buycan be done twice a day when you take a bath. Avoid bathing in bathtub because it may contain bacteria and can cause irritation to your piercing. If, you feel the piercing is itchy, never scratch it. Just wipe it smoothly to avoid irritation. In addition, keep your piercings from dust and excessive sweating. For example, when you are exercising and playing sports, use a loose shirt so your belly is not too pressed. Yes, for health reason, sometimes you do not need to show your clip on belly button rings.

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No less important, be careful when you use lotion. Too much rubbing lotion on your stomach may be accumulated at your navel, and this is not good. Other things that must be avoided in cleaning piercing that wear clip on belly button rings is cotton buds. Cleaning your piercing using cotton buds may leave small pieces of cotton that can contaminate your navel. Also do not use alcohol to clean your piercing. Ongoing alcohol use can cause damage on your skin cells and the clip on belly button rings. If irritation occurs, immediately consult with your piercer or see a dermatologist. As we said at the beginning, navel piercing is a unique way of wearing jewelry but also quite risky. You have to make sure the piercing is done well, belly rings you choose is safe, and the cleaning treatment is done properly and regularly.

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