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Celtic Rings, The Values Contained in Designs

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royal celtic ringsCeltic rings are special types of ring initially used by most Celtic people for any sacral and religious moments such as wedding and engagement. This type of ring which is originally made by Celtic people in fact contains various symbolic meanings and values.

Celtic Rings For Men

The humanity values inside ring designs and models are highly affected by spiritual faith of Celtic people. As the time goes by, the values contained by each Celtic design are getting more distinctive. Besides, the developments of cultural beliefs are also putting the hands on it as well.

Celtic Rings From Ireland

The values contained in this kind of rings are various depend on the types of design and cultural beliefs. These followings are several values contained in the gorgeous Celtic band based on the designs and cultural beliefs.

  1. The knot design symbolizes everlasting love between marriage couple. The knot design which is continuous with no ending represents the symbol of eternity of love. Since many years ago, Celtic people believe that the knot design will help each marriage couple to have everlasting blessed marriage.
  2. The trinity knot design on the rings symbolizes the three main elements of human being. The trinity knot design is considered as the reminder for human beings about the mind, body, and spirit values which are very needed to survive. The society believes that those three main elements of human beings valued on the Celtic bands will give them the quality of life.
  3. The spiral design symbolizes the three achievements of human beings such as life, death, and rebirth. These values are closely related to the spiritual faith among Celtic people. They believe that the rings with special spiral or swirl designs will give them eternal celtic rings silverparticular spiritual effects toward their belief to God. That is why Celtic people love to wear this traditional ring product.
  4. The zoomorphic design symbolizes fidelity. The animal carving design on the Celtic rings represents the commitment inside love relationship. Besides, the zoomorphic design is also believed as a relationship guardian.
  5. The Gaelic script design symbolizes marriage’s promise. This kind of ancient Celtic design provides the embodiment of any marriage’s promise scripts in Gaelic language. There are many Gaelic quotes to represent marriage’s promise such as “Mo Anam Cara” which means “My Soulmate” and “Ga Gro Deo” which means “Forever Love”.
  6. The shamrock design presents the symbol of luck and divinity. Actually, there is a famous legend behind the appearance of shamrock Celtic rings which is dealing with St. Patrick. For Celtic people, St. Patrick brings huge influence in their divinity belief or their belief to God. The shamrock itself symbolizes the values of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Celtic Rings For Women

Despite the fact that these rings are carrying such cultural and spiritual beliefs, you need to know that these types of ring are so popular because of its beauty and uniqueness. The special beauty on its carvings makes this credited ring very compatible to be worn for any beautiful moment of life such as engagement and wedding. Besides, this kind of ring can be worn without any gender matters. Both of men and women can properly wear Celtic rings.