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Celtic Engagement Rings – Symbolize Your Love

Monday, October 16th 2017. | Nice Rings

beauty celtic engagement ringsHistory

Celtic were actually the name of people who conquer Ireland (the Gaelic Celts) and Britain (The Brythonic Celts) in ancient time. They live with their own religion and mythology and devote them in arts like jewelries or weapons. When Christianity enter the Celtic lands, its influence blended with the religion of Celtic and causing the new design at Celts’s artsespecially the knot at wedding rings. The design may build up of three things, they are The Celtic knot, Celtic crosses, and The claddagh.

The Celtic Engagement Rings Knot

Celtic knot comes with a design of wedding rings or engagement rings to symbolize the marriage strongly. The interlaced pattern of ring is a symbol of eternity, which contains the hope for a lasting marriage. Celtic knot also similar with “Trinity Knot” that the interlaced pattern represent Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Celtic Engagement Rings Crosses

Celtic crosses are characterized by a ring that circles the cross. Most of Celtic crosses are also covered with a pattern of fretwork of Celtic knots. They are rarely use in engagement rings or wedding rings but you can find them around churches as standing stones.

The Claddagh

Claddagh is the icon of the heart between two hands with a crown above it. The heart of the icon stands for love of course, the crown for the loyalty, and hands for the relationship and friendship. Many couples in the world use this popular symbol to show their love simple celtic engagement rings under 200and commitment. There is a rule to use this icon for your engagment ring, wear the ring on left finger with the crown facing towards you.

Choose Your Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic engagement rings are great choose for traditional, unique, and elegance feels. Not only diamonds or the other sparkling gemstone to purpose your love, celtic rings also ideal to express your lovethrough symbols. Celtic engagement rings and wedding rings have many different designs, they are:

  1. Claddagh ring –ring with claddagh icon. It is the most popular Celtic ring among the couple.
  2. Celtic knot ring – the next most popular Celtic ring. The long, twist, and wavy knot can be the symbol of the endless love and connection of you and your fiancee-to-be.
  3. Gaelic band – this ring has a design with Gaelic phrases written in it, those are:moanamcara (my soul mate), gra go deo (love forever), gradilseachtcairdeas (love loyalty friendship), gragealmochroi (bright love of my heart).
  4. Trinity knot ring – alike with Celtic knot ring, it has the interlaced pattern but it just represent Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So if you want to bring the Christian symbols to your engagement ring, Trinity knot ring would be the great choose.
  5. Ogham band – this last Celtic ring bring the ancient script in it that says “love forever”. If your fiancee-to-be is a simple person, this ring is the best choice because the design is provide slightly of unique knot. celtic engagement rings are so special
    for everyone who wear them. So just don’t worry, they are so beautiful.