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Bridal Ring Sets as the Love Symbol that Bounds

Monday, July 25th 2016. | Wedding Rings

elegant bridal ring setsBridal ring sets are one of the important equipments in everyone’s happy bonding moment of the love of two people; as a marriage or engagement rings. It can be a great surprise gift for the bride-to-be from the groom, as well. The new style was introduced in 1600, which is considered as the first bridal jewelry sets’ pioneer. The set contains two locked rings that symbolize two hands. As the ring was closed, clasped the two hands. These days, many reproductions of these bridal ring sets can be easily found. You will see a center third ring often, with the top that has a heart. The rings encompass the heart, as the two hands closed.

The Puritans, in the 17th century, tried to eliminate the jewelry for the wedding occasion. However, the effort made a more creative trend, after it was not successful. The clusters of the diamond bridal ring sets in the shape of round and oval, rubies combinations, and the heart-shaped diamond ring set was popular in the 18th and 17th centuries. Solitaire, the name how the diamond ring called, was used mainly in bridal sets. In the 19th century, this ring was introduced, at the time when in South Africa, the large diamonds were discovered.

Bridal Ring Sets Product Review

One of the bridal ring sets you may be interested in coming from The World Jewelry Center, the 14K White Gold Solitaire CZ Cubicglamour bridal ring sets white gold Zirconia High Polish Finish Ladies Wedding Engagement Ring with a Round Side Stone and a Matching Band 2 Two Piece Sets. This ring set is promptly packaged with a gift bag and a free gift box. It is a set of simply elegant jewelry with a high polished finish. The set is a brilliant item crafted from 14 carat gold which is magnificent. It is completed with the finish, so it will catch everyone’s eye as they appreciate the design.

How to Find Bridal Ring Sets

To choose the right bridal ring sets, here are some tips for you. First, it is better to get the sets that can stand alone. Avoid those that cannot. As the most sets of ring contain two pieces; the wedding band and the engagement ring, which are designed to fit together. However, although they are designed like that, there are many situations they are not worn together. Choosing the attractive designs for both will give more benefit to you. Next, you had better choose which stones are not designed to be twisted down or dip up, as it will not allow another ring to comfortably sit alongside them. Moreover, you need to remember that, absolutely, there is no rule about the necessity to have the set. The engagement ring and wedding ring difference is in the wearer’s eyes. Skip the band if the new bride prefers to have certain diamond cuts without any matching wedding band accommodation. Complicated bridal ring sets are said not that more impressive, than wearing the eye-catching, stunning design.

After all, finding your bridal ring sets does not mean finding the most expensive and rarest designs, but find the one that will express the love and personality of the bride and the groom.

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