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Black Diamond Rings for Women, Making on Your Own

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unique black diamond rings for womenIf you want to wear a unique ring, you should choose black diamond rings for women. I write ‘for women’ because actually, this kind of diamond use for men in the beginning. But now, you can find black diamond in women jewelry too. Some of you may never hear about black diamond. it is normal because it is very rare and hard to get. Black diamond only can be found in Brazil and Central Africa. Therefore, the price is more expensive than white diamond. You may only see diamond that has pink, white, yellow, and blue color. The black one is the most hardest that only can be cut with the same color. the origin of this precious stone is still unknown until now. Many experts say that it comes from explosion of supernova and when earth crash with asteroid more than 3 billion ago and the other say that it comes from volcanic eruption.

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This unique diamond is very suitable for you who want to have special rings. Black diamond rings for women can be a wonderful gift for someone who you love. Appear in gray and dark gray makes this diamond often be mistaken with black onyx. If you want to design your own black diamond rings for women, you better this following steps. You trendy black diamond wedding rings for womenneed to estimate your budget first. Remember that black diamond itself is expensive without you make it as a ring. The price for black diamond can be $500 up to $ 4000. Set the amount of money so you can choose the option ring easier. The next thing is deciding what metal that fit with your taste. Usually people like to choose white gold because it can make the diamond more visible. You can also choose platinum that stronger so you will not worry with scratch or other damage. Then, you should think whether your ring need additional stone or not. For your recommendation, it is better for you to add several small white diamonds to make the ring looks more brilliant and special. The contrast color between black and white will make you succeed to make one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

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The setting that you can choose is the same as other colorless diamond. you can make it into round, cushion, emerald, and many more. last, you have to select the appropriate setting. If you want to wear it every day, you should decide the setting that will not disturb your activities, for example prong setting. The design is fixing and you should make sure that the ring is perfectly fit with your imagination. You may change several things if you not satisfy with it. you can go to jewelry shop in your town to build black diamond rings for women or go online. The shop that you want visit should have a good reputation, so you will not disappointed with the result. Black diamond rings for women is not only can be made as accessories in daily routines but also in special occasion, such as wedding and engagement. Make yourself exquisite by wearing black diamond rings for women. You may also like to read this design your own engagement ring online article.