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Bezel Set Engagement Rings, Facts You Should Know

Saturday, July 16th 2016. | Engagement Rings

unique bezel set engagement ringsBezel set engagement rings may be the ideal alternative for you who are looking for an engagement ring to propose your girlfriend. An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but it may be the symbol of the commitment and responsibility. Therefore, choosing an engagement ring is that that easy. This means that you cannot just buy the engagement ring right away without thinking about the style and the design that your girlfriend likes. There are actually many types and styles of engagement rings. You may buy new rings or you may also buy used rings, depending on your desire and your budget. If you want to give your girlfriend antique and classy ring, you can actually use bezel set engagement rings.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Tiffany

Engagement has become the part of the tradition in many countries. Therefore, engagement day may be one’s memorable event in life. Since the engagement tradition has been present for such a long time, there are many styles of engagement rings. Speaking of the old times, it seems that the bezel set engagement rings are considered as one of the oldest setting for stones. Typically, the style of the bezel set engagement ring is simple and versatile.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Princess Cut

Bezel set engagement ring typically consists of the elevated metal collar adjoining a gemstone. In the meantime, the edges of the beauty bezel set engagement rings princessmetal ring are pressed down over the edges of stone. It can create a rim that can securely hold the stone firmly in place. This is such a beautiful design for an antique engagement ring. Even though it is quite simple, you can still find that this ring offers gorgeousness in a more classy way. Is having the bezel set engagement ring advantageous? Find out the answer in the following information.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Platinum

There are several benefits of the bezel set engagement rings. One of the benefits of bezel set engagement rings is its versatility. If your girlfriend is a type of woman who doesn’t wear a ring all the time because she is an active person, it seems that bezel set engagement ring is the best option for you because it is easy to remove the ring. In addition to that, compared to any other types of traditional engagement rings, it seems that the bezel set engagement ring is better in terms of the mounting technique because the stone is hold more securely than any other rings with prong setting.

Bezel set engagement ring has the setting which is free of rough or sharp edges. It is known that the set used in bezel set engagement ring is one of the most secure settings for a stone. In addition to that, the setting of bezel set engagement ring can prevent the stone from dirt and nicks. Typically, the bezel set engagement ring uses platinum or gold. These metals are really bright. It is better for you to choose the bezel set engagement rings which combine the color of great stone and metal to make the diamond looks even more dazzling.

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