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Bellybutton Rings – Comes with several design and model

Saturday, December 10th 2016. | Uncategorized

cute bellybutton ringsBellybutton rings is an accessory that available in different designs and models. It has been the ring that very popular after earrings. Bellybutton rings will be also known as the navel rings. The size for this kind of ring is commonlyat 14 gauge and 3/8” or 7/16” long. Those are suggested size that you can have as the common size that you will be able to find another design to replace it easily. If you might plan to have different size other than the size suggested above, you may have problem to find the belly jewelry you like.

Bellybutton Rings – Where to find it

There will be many choices of bellybutton rings that you can choose. It is easy to find many models and designs of this kind of ring as it has been a second popular ring after earrings. The model such as 14K gold, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystal and UV reactive belly rings. It might be the second most popular ring after earrings, but it will only be popular ring for woman only. Men would not like to look like as sexy as woman. In addition to the material of bellybutton ring, there will also be different design, style and collection.

Internet will be main source where you can find bellybutton ring easily. You can see the style via online and pick it as the one that you like the most to be attached on your belly. Body Jewelry Factory will be one of the online stores that available on the internet that available with various model, style and collection. If you might have been quite familiar with this online store, there will be red bellybutton rings at walmartanother you can find such as Mspiercing. It will be another reference that available with many kinds of bellybutton ring. In this online store, the product is sorted by its price instead of by the design, material or style.

Bellybutton Rings – About the products

Those two online stores are available with various kinds of bellybutton ring. However, each of them offers you different method of displaying their product. Belly Bling will be another bellybutton rings online store available on the internet and it is available with no certain display to make you easily find what you want. It is still one of online stores that available with quite various navel rings, though.

Belly button will be available with bellybutton rings randomly. The only thing that will help you to sort the product is by choosing type of price of the bellybutton rings. There will be three different choices, low, medium and high price. On the other hand, Body Jewelry Factory is available with more specific choices. It is sorted by many elements such as the ring’s material, style, design and even collection. It will make you easily pick the one you like. The price of this ring will vary based on the style, material and design of each product that come differently of each bellybutton rings. This kind of ring is so cute.