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Belly Button Rings, How They Affect Your Health

Friday, April 21st 2017. | Uncategorized

flower belly button ringsEveryone loves jewelries, including body jewelries. The one is Belly Button Rings. Most of celebrities, models, and youth choose this piercing to add some sexy sparkle to their body. This navel piercings can be removeanytime you want and get them back, but call your piercer to have it done. However, here are some risks you should learn before you make a decision to put this belly button rings on your navel.

Belly Button Rings Infection

Like the other piercing, this navel piercing also potentially cause infection. If your piercer uses sterelized equipments and always works with her / him latex gloves, it does not mean you are free from infection. Infection can occur if you fail to keep your piercing clean properly, mainly your button rings get less air than your ears. Serious infection could affect your bloodstream and inner abdominal organs, and resulting in death If the infection continues to affect your vital organs.

More terribly, you may get HIV / AIDS or Hepatitis B in your bloodstream through a needle injected to your body. That is why you better pay professional piercer who know how to work with one-time usage kit. That kit sometimes designed with

The better way to cure infection is clean your piercing once to twice a day, not more. Too intense cleaning would kill bacteria that help to cure infection. Not just with the water, you need hydrogen peroxide or another piercing care solution that piercer recommended.

Belly Button Rings Internal Damage

Profuse bleeding can occur if you belly button rings accidentally hit your blood vessel or the other body part underlying the navel. beauty belly button rings dangleDamage to your tissues on the area of the piercing could develop thick scar tissue and keloids.Nerve damage also occur once your pierce hit nerve. Nerve damage marked by elongated numbness in the piercing area, then you should see a doctor to have it cure and take your piercing out.

Emotional Health

Pain and discomfort, usual effects arising from the presence of an infection and pounding. Belly button rings need 6 up to 12 month to totally heal, in such time with a prolonged pain, the psychological torment and emotional can be immense.

In a long time healing process, you should cleaning your belly button rings without fail, avoid pools and hot tubs, minimal touch your piercing, and avoid tight clothes. Discomfort feeling also comes as a result of a long time heal.

Belly Button Rings Irritation

Sometimes the body reject the material of ring, this act causes irritation in the surrounding area. The rejection of material happen once you pierce your navel, the scar tissue begin to stock up under skin and push your piercing out. The irritation also happen when your Belly button rings migrate. Rings migration is the movement of the piercing from the place it should be.It happens due of the pregnancy, weight gained, or build up of belly fat. There is no way to stop the rejection of the piercing, except take the piercing out. Belly button rings are part of fashion.