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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings, Facts About Them

Thursday, May 25th 2017. | Engagement Rings

pretty asscher cut engagement ringsIf you are searching for a unique diamond cut for engagement rings, it seems that selecting Asscher cut engagement rings may be the best option for you because they can add individuality and personality to your style. It is known that the trend in the jewelry fashion may be continually evolving as the time goes by. Apart from the fact that the vintage or traditional style is still very popular until today, sometimes people need more sophistication. For this reason, people now prefer the Asscher cut engagement rings because they seem to a sophisticated alternative when it comes to traditional choices of jewelry.

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People may think that buying an engagement ring could be really distressing. However, as long as you have knowledge about diamond cuts, settings, gemstones, and anything related to jewelry, it can help you find the perfect engagement ring to propose your girlfriend. If your girlfriend prefers a more unique style of engagement ring, it is recommended for you to choose the Asscher cut engagement rings. People may be already familiar with the round cut or princess cut. In the meantime, some people may also choose the Asscher cut. What is actually the Asscher cut diamond?

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Yes, not so many people are familiar with the Asscher cut engagement rings. It is important for you to know that the Asscher cut diamond is often recognized as a square emerald cut. The name of Asscher cut diamond is actually derived from its makers, the round asscher cut engagement rings pricesAsscher Brothers. When it comes to the Asscher cut diamond, it is overstuffed and it has a puffer appearance. Asscher cut diamond is really popular in the Art Deco engagement rings. Back in the 20s period, the Asscher cut diamond hit its popularity. After several years of break, Asscher cut diamond was popular again in the 1945.

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There are several styles of the Asscher cut engagement rings. The first style Asscher cut diamond ring is the four pronged setting. It may be the most common and the most popular style and setting for Asscher cut engagement ring. However, the light in the Asscher cut is not easily reflected off. This means that the sparkle is not that appealing. On the other hand, in this type of setting the stone is mounted to be elevated. For this reason, the elevated stone can attract more light. Are there any other styles of Asscher cut diamond ring?

Pave is also a popular style for Asscher cut diamond ring. In this type of setting, there is a string of diamonds coating the ring. This string of diamonds can showcase the uniqueness of the ring as well as complement the beauty. Princess or emerald cuts are also other style of Asscher cut engagement ring. This style includes more mores in order to add more accents to the ring. However, the Asscher cut diamond ring doesn’t seem to need more adornments or accents because the ring is terrific on its own. So, if you want to have more unique rings to propose your girlfriend, you may consider buying the unique Asscher cut engagement rings.

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