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Amethyst Ring Choosing for Engagement

Wednesday, November 1st 2017. | Nice Rings

unique amethyst ringIf you are looking for an engagement ring with different gemstone, you may be considering choosing the amethyst ring for proposing your girlfriend. Yes, amethyst engagement ring is one of the best options for you who are looking for an engagement ring which is really unique and has different stones. In addition to that, if the price is your concern, it seems that amethyst ring may also be the ideal solution for you because the price is relatively more affordable. Well, this is such a great option for engagement ring because it has been used for over 50 years as a part of the tradition in marriage or engagement.

Amethyst Ring White Gold

Amethyst ring hit its popularity back in the 50’s when the legendary Marilyn Monroe wore this ring. Apart from that, amethyst stones are just simply precious. There is a wide selection of colors that you can choose for your engagement ring. This means that each color of stones represent certain meanings. Typically, to represent passion, people choose the color of red rose. In the meantime, to represent purity, you can choose the color of white. The amethyst also has particular meaning. If you are planning to buy the amethyst rings for engagement, you may choose light green stone or the violet colored stone.

Amethyst Ring For Men

After all, when you choose the amethyst rings for engagement, it all depends on your taste and style. If you want to buy amethyst ringsdefine amethyst ring meaning for engagement, there is a wide selection of specialty shapes and sizes. For example, if your girlfriend is so into vintage style, you may choose an amethyst engagement ring which is inspired by vintage and antique style. In the meantime, you may also choose amethyst engagement ring which is more sophisticated and based on today’s style. In terms of stones, you can either choose amethyst engagement ring accentuated with a solitaire stone, diamonds, or other stones.

Amethyst Ring of Battle

Amethyst ring is usually available in several options of metal of the ring. It is available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver. Well, if you can afford it, you can actually choose amethyst engagement ring in platinum which is brighter and more durable than white gold. However, if you cannot afford it, you may choose yellow gold or white gold. On the other hand, if you are so concerned about the budget, you can actually buy amethyst ring in sterling silver. As long as it has deep meaning and commitment, the sterling silver amethyst engagement ring is still memorable and precious for your relationship.

The bottom line is that amethyst engagement ring is an ideal option for you who are looking for engagement ring with different stones. There are so many shapes, designs, and styles of this kind of ring so that it will make it easier for you to choose the one which is suitable for your girlfriend. After all, you can make the proposal in your engagement day even more memorable with the amethyst ring which is gorgeous in a simple way.