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Alexandrite Rings, Things to Consider Before Choose

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Alexandrite color

fine alexandrite ringsColor is central to the quality part of alexandrite rings. Its color change capability distinguishes it from the remaining stones. It shows two variations in color underneath the different light viz. day light and artificial light.

It’s also possible that few alexandrite rings gems show bluish green shade in sunlight while purplish red or dark purple color incandescent light. Such stones are pure too. These are from your mines found in the rest around the globe like Brazil, Burma, Tasmania, India, and etc. Only denote be mindful is the fact that these stones would be less expensive compared to pure Russian alexandrite. Alexandrite exhibits color change mainly because it contains iron, titanium and chrome. These minerals have the effect of this change. And also this phenomenon would depend about the strength in the source of light. Stronger the sunshine more bright will probably be along with. If it is placed in the ring, color change might be more clear and precise than in another jewelry item.

Alexandrite Rings Cut

Alexandrite rings being 8.5 Mohs on hardness scale, isn’t very difficult and uncomplicated to reduce. Rings having wide selection of shapes and designs come in the market all over the world. Cuts like oval, pear, cushion may be common to the rings. Rings having heart and emerald cut alexandrite are equally popular. However, large round cut must be avoided as it leads to high weight reduction of the gemstone.

Alexandrite Rings Clarity

Third most important C is clarity of the gem. Alexandrite ring possesses few tiny inclusions that reflect back the sunshine. Negative crystals are standard inclusions found in each of the varieties.


Last however the main factor is carat weight. The significance of the gem regarding funds is largely relying on this factor. One carat is the same as 0.20 grams. Gems lower than 0.75 carat is quite common and sold everywhere. Greater than 2 carat weight is rare andlegendary alexandrite rings for sale fetches an enormous price. In addition to these important 4Cs factors, within the inland northwest other points at the same time being covered while purchase of ring holding alexandrite ring stone. It may further direct you towards buying the right ring while using the true stone.

Alexandrite Rings Stone Size

Deciding on the alexandrite ring with stone, you should search for proper balance. The width on the ring and also the stone size must complement the other. Put differently, there needs to be niche involving the two. Large stone size placed on the thin ring will be not likely required desired attractive look as it lacks the balance. Similarly, thick ring having small stone a lot less than 0.40 carat couldn’t survive equal in proportion to one another. Hence, is not suitable.

Alexandrite Stone setting

Gemstone rings comprise of either 14K or 18K yellow gold. Alexandrite also goes well with white gold or platinum. Thus, rather than yellow gold 18K white gold or platinum may also be used for producing alexandrite rings.

At the back of the alexandrite rings, the metal really should be chisel in square or oval pattern allowing light and air to feed. If alexandrite is scheduled with diamonds or other stones then it should be set closely together. The setting really should be to the extent that every the gems are secured then there is no odd of gems getting dropped out from the ring. The prongs need to be evenly balanced throughout the alexandrite rings.